Pond Construction or Restoration

A body of water on your property is a desirable feature which adds value and provides pleasure for the owner. A well-built pond can provide your property with beauty, recreation, and food.

Farm ponds and fish ponds alike need routine maintenance to sustain quality water, adequate volume, and meet safety needs. We can dredge your pond to remove silt build-up and overgrown plant-life. This will result in cleaner water, regenerated fish habitat, and will return your pond to a healthy depth again.

Pond Construction

Right-of-Way Cleaning

Our CAT excavator with a pony pack and Fecon brush cutter/mulcher head cleans up field borders, clears overgrown ditches, and eliminates piles of woody debris to give farmers better access to their fields, and water a clean pathway to flow in drainage ditches.

fecon img_1541.mp4

Land Clearing, Site Prep, Grading, & Compaction

Tree removal and site preparation can be an expensive task in heavily timbered and overgrown areas. ALL Demolition & Excavating can remove your unwanted brush and trees neatly and efficiently so that your construction project can proceed.

Land Clearing with a Fecon Brush Mower.

Land Restoration

Excavating & Demolition projects can take a toll on the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of your property to YOU. We arrive, do our job, keep the site neat while we do that, and pick up our clutter when we’re finished. We also work to provide minimal environmental impact by recycling or repurposing as much demolition waste as possible. Final restoration includes providing a finished site that is level and free of debris, seeding of the site and providing a layer of straw to promote growth.

Land Restoration

Utility, Sanitary, & Storm Sewer Trenching

ALL Excavation & Demolition will assist the contractor or homeowner with the digging of trenches for sewer, telephone, water, electric, or any other utility installation. We provide for the safety of our customers and our employees by contacting OUPS to verify the locations of all existing utilities and by providing proper shoring to protect workers from cave-ins.